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37. Nävekvarn - Lilla Uttervik, 6 km

Start: N 58°37.868' E 016°48.080'. Parking 500 m south at the harbour.

This section goes through an old mining district. It starts at the Yellow Mill (Gula Kvarn) storehouse in Nävekvarn where there are parking spaces. There is also parking at Skeppsviks bathing area from where it is possible to hikeround Sjöskogsberget via Svartåhällens picknick area.

The first 1,5 km of the section is on roads before the trail goes steeply uphill on to Fyrberget which is one of many fine viewpoints over Bråviken.

Marvikens oil-fired power station can be seen on the other side of Bråviken.

A 900 metres long handicapped accessible trail leads from the car park at Svartåstigen in Sjöskogen to Svartåhällen’s picknick area.

Along the trail there is a variety of flora, such as orchids. The hike also goes past overgrown areas where fruit trees were once planted, forest with fir trees and hazel, and dykes that belonged to plots of land, all of which are reminders of earlier settlements.

Tunaberg is a particularly interesting area, where Sörmlandsleden in collaboration with the Mining Historians and Local History Movement seeks to bring to life how mining developed over the past 1000 years. We know that many sites were active already in the 12th century but this is not well documented. It is only from when Vadstena Monastery became the owner of the mines that there is adequate written documentation. The many references to old cabins in these documents but more so the visible evidence in the form of worked mines, cabin remains as well as other remnants from activity in the pre-industrial era give valuable insight into the developE37 Svartahallarnament.

Of particular interest are the complex dam systems, which made it possible with the use of water wheels, threaded bars and other devices to run the various sites fairly continuously. Copper and iron foundries, mills, sawmills, forges and more were driven by water power. In river Nävån alone there have been around 15 dams and 25 water wheels for different activities from Nävsjön to where the river runs out into Bråviken (around 5 km).




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